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Hi my name is Saya.  When my family moved they decided it was too much work to take me too and threw me outside.  I was so scared and confused.  Thankfully their neighbor found out what my “family” did and found me and brought me inside.  I was so happy to be safe, warm and have food/water again.

My foster mom says I’m a very sweet, but extremely shy girl.  My adopter will need to be very patient with me and understand that I may never seek out attention.  I'm great with other cats.  I would do best in a home with a human friendly cat who can show me that humans aren't scary.

When I'm comfortable in my environment, I do enjoy playing (especially with the laser light) and love treats.  I’m very good at using the litter box and my scratching posts.

  • Est DOB 04/24/13
  • Adoption Fee $50

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